Communication for organizations - at scale

Keep everyone on the same page with a modern and intuitive solution.

Envoyer, your unified & secure digital workplace

Unlike free and traditional methods who analyzes and sell your data, Envoyer is designed with privacy in mind that gives you full control and regulatory compliance across your organization.

Compose and distribute corporate messages in one simple platform that eases the distribution of messages for everyone in your organization to use.

Distribution made easy

Segment, target and tailor information delivered to employees.

Peace of Mind

Know when your message has been delivered, opened & acknowledged.

Safety & Security

Privacy first, keep compliance and with corporate policies & laws.

Improve Communication

Measure and analyze your communications and take actions from it.

A unified inbox to rule them all

Keep all conversations at one place with a full history of conversations.

Don't be a robot. Bridge the communication gaps, compose and personalize messages at ease.

Security first, all personal data are encrypted at-rest.

Notify your employees with Push Notifications out of the box.

Avoid communication gaps.

Ensure your people never miss crucial comms.

Keep your people connected in real-time.

Streamline your communication at ease.

Keep everyone on the same page with a modern and intuitive solution.

Collect Feedback

Create custom quick replies to engage and measure people's opinions and thoughts.


Collect and measure incoming data in real time and take actions with data-driven decisions.

Legal Proof

Prove email delivery, time of delivery, and exact content with Envoyer.


Securely send sensitive organizational documents and files with encryption at rest.

Are you ready for the workplace productivity shift?

Envoyer app is available on Android and iOS for both smartphone and tablet.