Envoyer, the new standard to engage & communicate at scale.

Connect with everyone in seconds and keep employees in the loop by making content available to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Streamline your communication at ease.

Keep everyone on the same page in an organized hub to share updates, and build knowledge that the whole team can refer back to – even years later.


Segment your people to send them the perfect message.


Communicate and distribute organizational updates securely.


Reach & engage every employee with an intuitive interface.


Receive meaningful analytics in real time and take actions.

Target the right people and send the right message – at the right time

Get in touch with your whole organization effortless.

Unified hub for streamlined communications.

Built with privacy in mind, stay secure & compliant with regulations.

Tame the chaos of your team communication

Keep everyone on the same page where conversations stay organized, secure and on-topic, forever. Say hello to Envoyer.

A unified inbox to avoid any uneccessary noise.

Empower your employees with a new way to communicate, stay engaged to be more efficient.

Get realtime updates - know when a message has been delivered, opened or even confirmed.

Organized, transparent and secure communication.

Keep conversations organized, on topic, and easy for anyone to follow


Compose and schedule personalized messages.

Push Notifications

Avoid communication gaps, notify your employees immediately.


Safety first! We use the same infrastructure and encryptions as banks.


Measure and identify efficiency and take immediate actions.

Employee App

The modern workforce is global, all your content in one place.

Save time

Time is money, make your organization more effecient.