Aircraft Manufacturer, ATR only reaches 50 percent of the designated recipients

Reported by the Swedish Air Line Pilots Association, during IFALPA this year, the Head of Flight Safety from ATR, Christopher McGregor highlighted some interesting news, their bulletins only reach about 50 percent of the pilots.

He said that the root cause probably lies in existing channels are most likely isn’t efficient enough or not always functional.

McGregor was very humble and asked for help from the pilots and said that safety needs to be based on joint cooperation between all parties and not promoted by pointing fingers at each other.

Christopher McGregor is appointed Flight Safety Officer at ATR. Christopher leads the ATR Flight Safety and is responsible for the development and implementation of the Flight Safety strategy within ATR. The scope includes leading the Flight Safety Board, responding to ICAO Annex 13 investigations and the promotion of flight safety initiatives within our customer community, aviation authorities and safety forums. He is also in charge of safety communications to airlines and lessors and will report to the Chief Executive Officer of ATR Patrick de Castelbajac. 

The bottom line:

Together with the human error factor, this sets a considerable safety risk for the organizations and opens up for potential consequences. Today’s communication channels and solutions aren’t met for the aviation industry and aren’t made for it.

By using an enterprise-ready communication solution, made for the aviation industry helps to mitigate human factors but also able to stay on top with the internal delivery rates.

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